Awesome Item: But I will only give 1 star on Amazon

We’ve been using a product for almost a year that works great.  I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.  Why does it warrant a single star, though?  Because they are liars.  The product packaging brags about being “flushable” but the evidence shows that it clearly would be unwise. First, let’s define “flushable”.  Here’s the definition from

  • adjective
    able to be flushed down a toilet without causing an obstruction

If you would not flush paper towels, then don’t flush this.  A paper towel breaks down fast–this didn’t break down at all for me.  Since the Mio Liners can survive being washed a few times in the washing machine, I thought I’d try an experiment and left one in water for 2 months. Every time we flushed the toilet, we forcefully shook the jar up.  It was just as strong at 8 weeks as when new.  My opinion after this experiment is that they are liars and that this should NEVER be flushed.  Lies are inexcusable. Until they remove this from the packaging, they will get only that single star.  It’s too bad that such a great product is produced by people that feel that it isn’t good enough on its own but instead needs an unethical recommendation printed on the packaging to sell the item. .  I guess it worked, since that was the deciding factor for me to try it in the first place.

YouTube link:  Mio Liners- 8 weeks of soaking/agitating – “flushable”??? I don’t think so.

Note: the water is completely clear.  For something that should be easily broken down, I’d expect that 8 weeks of soaking plus agitation more than 8 times a day would cloud the water somewhat.

Mio Liners - Diaper Liner
After 8 weeks of being submerged and shaken vigorously each time we flushed, this is not something that I would EVER want in my plumbing.


Now that that is off my chest, here is what I like about the product.  It is strong enough to actually contain the waste until you can get to the toilet to dump it (before trashing the liner itself).  It is generously sized.  Until Jr was 7 months old, his little tush was easily covered by 1/2 of one.  We tore off 5 at a time, cut them in half, and kept those near the changing pad. (Our changing “station” is our dryer.)  It is true that you can wash these and reuse them.  If it is peed on, go ahead and throw it in the pail with the soiled diapers to wash but only drip dry them–the size and texture is changed in the dryer. Because they are on a roll, they are easier to keep up with than if they were stacked in a box (for us, anyway). We keep the roll in a basket on the wall of our laundry area. I really like the product itself. (I did try some other liners but none of them worked as well as this product. )

Here’s one of three videos from Mio Liners that is posted on YouTube:

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