Awesome Item: The Wonder Weeks (Book)

The Wonder Weeks available directly from the official website and

This  (4.5 our of 5 stars) book has been the best for helping us to not make mistakes with our baby. Almost every baby experiences specific and predictable behaviors and growth changes based on age from conception.  This book highlights them and makes suggestions on how to encourage your littlest one over these hurdles with the least frustration.  Parents can really benefit more than the baby since you can know that this phase is completely typical and how long it lasts for the average baby. For example, a baby might be going through a phase where almost all babies spend a few hours fussy and/or crying every evening.  Mom and Dad don’t know this so they try everything to calm baby down. Baby will be calmed each time after the period of necessary growth discomforts ease up regardless of what the parents do.  Unfortunately, they could misinterpret the calming-down as a signal that the baby doesn’t like what was offered at the beginning of the wailing and believe that whatever was done at the end of the fit to be what Baby wanted/needed.  All baby really needed was to be loved and comforted throughout the difficulty–not messed with and certainly not have his diet changed (that won’t help, and can upset the stomach making it worse) and not have a parent feel that s/he is being rejected.

We have found it helpful for planning occasions and outings, too.  For example, a nice weekend trip to the beach is great when most babies are going through one of there happiest phases as opposed to one where they cry every evening for 3 hours.

The website has an option for receiving emails to let you know when the next phase is nearing so that you can read up on the changes and be prepared.

Get the book in the real world–don’t buy this one as an electronic book.  It is much easier to highlight and mark off information and stages/milestones in a real book.

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