Baby Blue Jeans

Cut up your old jeans/pants to make custom baby jeans/pants.  Time:  90min-3 hours +/-.

I traced around some old ones that fit well and added an inch to each side.  I save the lines on my pattern, though–the original tracing plus the new lines.  I like to cut off parts of my original item to work into the new fashion.  It’s great practice for new and experimental techniques.

I like to save the original hemlines and side seams when possible.  That almost always makes the difference between “homemade” and looking-good.

Since we use cloth diapers, we need a little more room in the seat of the pants–by sewing them myself, he can have real pants that don’t squeeze him like a sausage or advertise like a gigolo.

I like to make them and then add the elastic for jeans.  Other pants get the elastic before finishing.

On this pair, I cut part of the old waistband to make the fly.  The snaps are Kam snaps.  As I am typing this, my boy is wearing them while nursing.





I had enough scrap to make bib this, too.  I also snatched the zipper to replace the blown zipper from a new pair of jeans with a defective one.  These were me favorite pair and I am happy with the new “life” from the demise of those.

P1050283 P1050284

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