Baby Einstein Inspired Personalized Baby Video

My sweet baby is enchanted by the Baby Einstein videos.  Seriously, it is like crack and can calm him down in an instant pretty much always since he was about 3 months old.  I was shocked, delighted, and horrified at how attracted he is to these videos.  We let him watch/listen to one when he is going to sleep if he is sleeping alone (going to sleep before either of us is ready for bed).  Sometimes, we put one on and turn off the video display so that he gets to just listen to it.  He enjoys that, too, while he is playing.

To be honest, these videos are great, but I can’t help feeling like our sweet baby is just watching a long infomercial each time he views one sooooooo…..

I was inspired to make a personalized video.  I took almost all his toys and covered the washing machine with a blanket and began snapping pix.  Some toys got one pic, others got several.  Puzzles got taken apart piece by piece and video was taken of noisy or action toys. I included lots of videos of Jr playing outside, inside, at the museum, with us, with Brother, etc.  I also included pictures of most of the people in his life and lots of pictures of his parents including some going back to our wedding.  Of course, I included loads of photos of him.  All those crappy pix work perfectly when sliding by at 0.5 second each.  Jr loves it and us adults enjoy it, too.  Much, much more than any professional but impersonal product.

Cost:  Time and one DVD.

Time:  Maybe 5 hours.  Maybe less.  Depends on how organized and photo-happy you are in the first place.  This is a great project to do while learning to use a new camera to practice all the cool options.

Here is an example to perhaps inspire you:

YouTube:  Personal Fun Video inspired by Baby Einstein


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