Easy Custom Baby Bibs

Baby bibs are super easy and great to use either new yardage or scraps or both. They are great for practicing new techniques and, of course, it is always nice to have some custom-made baby gifts handy for the next baby-in-the-oven for a friend, coworker, or for someone in your family.

I hope you are inspired by these 4 that I made this morning. Our sweet baby has really grown in his torso length and his old bibs just aren’t doing the job at all any more so these are longer.  I  backed them with some old receiving blankets.  Two were appliqued from scraps onto new solids and two were made with new print fabric.

I do recommend using snaps over Velcro.  Buttons are okay, too.

P1000826 P1000831


6 thoughts on “Easy Custom Baby Bibs

  1. Thank you sharing this with us. I love making baby bibs for a baby shower. And I agree with you with snaps and buttons, they are really better than the Velcro ones.

  2. This is the beauty of customizing them. You can make them however you want. We have found that that using a flannel backing with typical quilting cotton is more than enough. It never soaks through. I have made some with old bath and hand towels but they are too thick and just look silly, IMHO.
    My oldest was not a drooler and we didn’t really use bibs with him hardly ever. Our youngest is a fountain of slobber. For us, we just need them to cover his clothes and we change them 3, 4, or more times in a day. Since nobody ever hardly sees his cute shirts, his bibs are what have to be cute.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed this. And yeah, every time I do baby laundry, I curse the evil that started the trend of thinking that Velcro was good for baby items.

  4. Right now, our boy is 21 months old and the snaps are the best. I converted/modified/gave away all the velcro bibs (and diapers, too). The snap press was one of the best sewing/hobby investments I have made.

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