Hand Embroidered Clothing Tag

This is easy.  It took about 30 minutes while I was already killing time by watching TV.

hand embroidered tag

The tag says:  To Johanna   From Auntie Em

To  make it, I took a sentimental item that was white (in this case, a wrap for swaddling our baby that was sent from Lima by the girl’s Abuelita) and printed what I wanted to embroider on a white piece of paper with an easy-to-copy font that I then traced it onto the fabric with a pencil. After that, I just traced over the letters with stitches and then cut it like a super-short pocket that I trapped the top in the back elastic seam. Voila!

If you are budget minded, this is a great detail that money can’t really buy very easily that can set your personal gifts apart from others.   Since this is just fabric that is embroidered with cotton, it won’t ever be scratchy.

Important note:  Only use DMC floss.  If you want to color-test it first, go ahead, but DMC has the time-tested reputation for being the best for a reason.  I bought some other brand on sale a couple of years ago for embroidering handkerchiefs for my beloved and within a few months, many of the colors had faded to something else completely or were white.  The cool doggy that I made is pink.  Spock’s Live-Long-And-Prosper hand is completely white.  GGgggrrrrr….  It is worth it to only buy the best brand.  To test it, pour a bit of bleach somewhere and dip an inch or two of the thread in it–watch to see what happens.  If it is nothing, then you know you have a serious colorfast dye.

Easy, pretty, one-of-a-kind, and special for this little girl.

Today’s crafting:  Sewing together 4 baby bibs and using up 5 sad nearly-empty bobbins

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