It aint easy being a new blogger…

There are so many options and issues with blogging that it is overwhelming.  It is easy to see why so many blogs are clearly just hobbies with minimal input after the initial period of enthusiasm.  It is also easy to see why so many business blogs and sites are so, well, un-business like.

This post will be a work in progress where I comment, make notes, gripe, or whatever about my blogging experience.  Perhaps this can help another newbie through some of the hurdles.

1.) No matter how much reviewing and editing you do of any post/page, you will STILL have an annoying typo.

2.) YouTube is your friend in figuring things out.  But, expect to need to check out 3-5 videos before you actually find the information/tutorial that you are looking for.  Most how-to videos are practically useless and exist solely for self-promotion and not to really inform.


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