Recipe: Emily’s Curry Surprise (can be vegetarian)

This yumminess is the result of a prayer meal night.  We were seriously due up to hit the grocery store and were down to lots of unappealing options.  I figured that if I made up a curry sauce and covered all the rest of the veggies in it, we’d have a winner.

My husband gets excited when this is on the menu.
My husband gets excited when this is on the menu.

Emily’s Curry Surprise

***Curry powder – 1/2 ounce (half of McCormick round container – Amazon link)
***Yogurt – 1/2 container of normal plain yogurt
Peanut butter – All that you can get on a tablespoon
***Garlic – chopped – heaping teaspoon
***Tomatoes – 3 or 4 Romas
Cinnamon – 3 or 4 dashes
Salt to taste – I used about a teaspoon
Butter – just beacuse it is yummy
Garbanzo or white beans – 1 can drained, to thicken sauce and add protein.

Put all this into a blender and liquify it. Taste it to see if you need to adjust any of the ingredients. Simmer for an hour. (***-necessary–all others are optional)

You can do this a day ahead.

1.) In a casserole, layer a package of thin rice noodles (Cover this with cold water and wait a few minutes. Drain when soft. I then cut these up with scissors.) (If you don’t have noodles, use cooked Basmati or other rice.)

2.) Cut up all veggies that seem good to you, prepare them, and place over base layer–onions, green beans, carrots, peppers, taters, camote (sweet potatoes), peas, squash, celery, mushrooms, corn, etc.  Onions and potatoes are usually necessary in many vegetarian Indian recipes. We like to throw on some chicken, too.  Some almond slivers or peanuts or cashews would really be nice.

2.1) I like to dice the taters and similar veggies and boil them until soft before layering them over the noodles. Canned veggies can be drained and put directly on. Other veggies are much better with a quick sautee.

3.) Pour sauce over the top to cover as much as you can.

4.) Bake at 350 for 20 or 30 minutes  (depending on how large your dish is. Everything should be nice and hot.)

Serve up and beam with pride.


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